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The Mechanical Engineering Building was named for Major E.S. Walker, professor of civil engineering, and is now the home of the Department of Mathematics. Designed by Rudolph Weaver, it was built in 1927 adjacent to Benton Hall, the 1924 College of Engineering which was demolished when Grinter Hall was built in 1969.

Highlights of Walker Hall

Challenges of Walker Hall

Character Defining Features


  •           2-1/2 stories

  • MASSING camera
  •           T shape plan

  • ROOF camera
  •           Gable

              Shed dormers

  •           In corner of T

  • WINDOWS camera
  •           12 over 12 light single hung

              Replacement sash

              Singles with triple grouping under gable end

  • MATERIALS camera
  •           Brick is English bond

              Soldier course above lower level windows

              Clay roof tile with a variegated color range of ochre, red, and green-gray

  •           Cast stone water table with simple slope


              Cast stone lintels and sills

  •           Defines court with Carlton auditorium in rear


    Walker Hall


    Architect:  Rudolph Weaver

    Contractor:  O. P. Woodstock

    Building Name:  Major E. S. Walker, Professor of Civil Engineering


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