Carleton Auditorium Carleton Auditorium


Carleton Auditorium was designed by Guy Fulton in 1954 to accommodate the fast growing student population. It is named for William G. Carleton, a respected History professor from 1926-1962. The auditorium is located just South of Walker Hall and shares a breezeway with the 1927 building. Carleton reflects the international modern influences of the period, but the use of brick and concrete details, along with the low profile of its sitting, allow it to remain in harmony with the surroundings. The continuous breezeway opens to a large auditorium that provides lecture space for a wide variety of University courses.


Character Defining Features


  •           1 Story

  •           Rectangular with horizontal emphasis

  • ROOF
  •           Flat

  • ENTRANCES camera
  •           At ends of building

              Cast entrance surrounds

  • MATERIALS camera
  •           Brick is English Bond

  •           Cast entrance surrounds

              Colonnade space in frount of the auditorium

  •           Infill and successful background building to Walker Hall


    Carleton Auditorium Breezeway


    Architect:  Guy Fulton

    Building Name:  William G. Carleton, a respected History professor from 1926-1962









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